United by our Work

Working at Rocketship, as a teacher or as a member of the Network Support Team, is an experience like no other. Here, you have the opportunity to broaden your impact, innovate and authentically collaborate with like-minded peers, and drive our movement towards providing excellent educational options for all students. You can achieve all this while honing your craft, building your leadership skills along a self-defined career path and earning compensation well above traditional schools.

What does it take to work at Rocketship?

You believe in authenticity.
We deliver transparency in our work, assessing how we are doing, growing and learning with honesty and humility. We bring our whole selves to our work, allowing that passion to resonate through our decisions, words and actions. We value and adapt to diverse styles and approaches.
You believe in community.
We seek a diverse set of perspectives to build understanding and expand our circle of impact as we work toward our greater purpose. We believe our community begins within our neighborhoods and deepens and expands within our classrooms. We value our professional community and its collective impact beyond our own individual roles and contributions.  
You believe in tenacity.
We pursue our goals relentlessly until we achieve them, especially for our Rocketeers. We take courageous steps in our work that lead to excellent outcomes for students. We view each challenge as a hurdle to clear in order to reach our ultimate goal.
You believe in innovation.
We stretch beyond the status quo to challenge our Rocketeers and ourselves. We find or create better ways to make the impossible possible. We take responsible risks in order to make a more positive impact.
You pursue excellence.
We continuously improve our results in response to data and feedback. We strategically prioritize to maximize short and long term solutions. We believe all children can succeed and we continue to courageously work to eliminate the achievement gap within our lifetimes. 

Open School Positions

Teachers at Rocketship are the critical levers in a Rocketeer’s academic and community success. Rocketship teachers maintain high expectations of themselves and of Rocketeers and ensure students achieve at or beyond grade level. Apply to be a Rocketship teacher.
Education Specialist
The Education Specialist is responsible for managing the IEP caseload for Rocketship students who require special education services. The role of the Education Specialist is to improve students’ success in the basic academics (reading, language and/or math, etc.) through implementing Rocketship approved curriculum; documenting teaching and student progress/activities/outcomes; modeling the necessary skills to perform assignments; providing a safe and optimal learning environment. Apply to be a (Mild-Moderate) Education Specialist or a  (Moderate-Severe) Education Specialist.
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"Rocketship is a place made up of great families, great teamwork, great laughs, and great people. Every day my peers are finding ways to push my thinking and support my growth."

Rodney Lynk, Jr.
Principal, Rocketship Milwaukee