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All children deserve access to an excellent education. Yet in Milwaukee, three of four public elementary school students are behind grade level in reading. 

Rocketship Education is rethinking elementary school from the ground up. We are building an innovative school model that propels student achievement in underserved communities across the country.  Our rapidly growing network is on a mission to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. But to achieve our mission, we must succeed in Milwaukee - home of the nation?s largest academic achievement gap.

Milwaukee is a hard-working city with a rich industrial past.  It should be no surprise that a group of parents, community leaders, and elected officials fought hard to bring Rocketship to Milwaukee to increase the number of high performing schools in the city. In 2013, Rocketship Southside Community Prep launched in an underserved neighborhood where parents were clamoring for high-quality education. Now in our third year, we have proven our model delivers gap-closing academic growth for Milwaukee students.  And we are committed to put more Milwaukee students on a college and career ready path.


"I'm proud to lead a Rocketship school in the city where I grew up. The kids in my community deserve a great place to learn and grow." 

Rodney Lynk, Jr. 
Principal, Rocketship Milwaukee

We are currently accepting applications for students entering K4 through 5th grade in the 2017-18 school year.

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#1 in Math & ELA among over 60 district & charter schools serving similar populations.


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