Three of four students in underserved communities in San Jose are behind grade level. Students who fall behind in elementary school struggle to ever catch up with their college bound classmates. 
Rocketship schools are free, public elementary schools that are committed to putting every student on the path to college. Students at Rocketship schools across the Bay Area make remarkable progress every year. In a single school year, Rocketeers (that's what we call our students) achieve a year and a half of growth in math and reading. Our focus on personalized learning and parent engagement allows us to meet the unique needs of each and every student we serve. 
Rocketship schools are community schools. We serve all students including English language learners and students with special needs. We partner closely with parents to create a school that is deeply connected to the community we serve.  Join us and together, we will prepare your child for liftoff!

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465 Students
Grades TK-4
78.3% SED*
57.8% ELL

*Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 


Rocketeers at Rising Stars achieved 1.4 years of growth in math and 1.3 years of growth in reading!


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3173 Senter Road
San Jose, 95111


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