Message from the Principal

At Rocketship United Academy, we are on a mission to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. We tenaciously do whatever it takes and use every minute to ensure ALL students are engaged and inspired to achieve excellence in academics, character, critical thinking and communication.  By achieving excellence in these areas, our Rocketeers will be equipped to make critical decisions that positively affect themselves, their families and their communities.
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At United Academy, We Pursue Excellence…

We give our best and nothing less. We have high expectations for our school, ourselves, our students and our families and never waiver from those expectations.

In our pursuit of excellence, we set all goals (academic, character and communication) at the highest bar for all students and ourselves. On a day-to-day basis, we use data to measure our progress towards goals, and make changes in execution when necessary.

We welcome feedback then implement changes to our practice immediately. It is our responsibility to get better for the sake of our students and the families we serve.

Lastly, we believe a structured and predictable learning environment provides students with the space and safety that they need to take risks.  

At United Academy, We are Authentic…

We live our values. We bring our best authentic selves to the school and classroom every day, no matter what. We 100% believe that what we’re teaching is of the greatest importance. We recognize the great honor we have in teaching our youth.

When we come to work, we come to inspire and engage. We use songs, chants, great lesson plans and celebrations to engage our students in the learning process; we inspire students  to take pride in being a member of our school. We authentically speak to our students about aspirations, all the time.  We create school traditions that reflect our values and make our school a memorable place for ALL children. At United Academy, we recognize the first step to eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime is to make school and learning attractive. By infusing joy, celebration, music and traditions into each and every day, and by upholding a strict code of behavioral conduct, we make our school a place that students want to be.

We are honest with ourselves, each other, and our families in assessing where we are in terms of our strengths and our growth areas. We use data to describe where children are in terms of their personal progress and triumphs, as well as where students stand in comparison to their grade level expectations. All children have bright spots, and areas of growth. We assess this, make plans and communicate our findings and actions to parents.

At United Academy, We are Tenacious…

We love a good challenge. We pursue our goals relentlessly until we achieve them. We recognize the goals we set for our students, ourselves and our families are high and that achieving them is not going to be easy. We know there will be pitfalls in our pursuit of goals, but we are a staff that enjoys rising to challenges.  

We develop tenacity in our students by asking rigorous questions, creating rigorous lesson plans and normalizing student error for the sake of student growth. We embrace a growth mindset and we don’t make excuses for ourselves, our students, or each other.  

We never give up. We embrace challenges thoughtfully and logically, no matter the circumstance.

At United Academy, We are a Community…

We value our professional community and its collective impact beyond our own individual roles and contributions. We are not a “my students” school. We are an “our students” school.  We collectively hold all students and each other to the highest of expectations.

United Academy is proud to be an open door school. We leave our doors literally open for colleagues, parents, leadership and other visitors. We are pleased to share our teaching with a variety of audiences as we are proud of what we teach and how we teach it. We encourage visitors to learn from us and to offer us constructive feedback to consider.

As a community, we celebrate our similarities and differences, we celebrate our accomplishments, we celebrate our students and, importantly, we celebrate the families we serve.

At United Academy, We are Innovative…

We reach beyond. We find or create better ways to make the impossible, possible. Innovative doesn’t always mean doing something new, it can mean doing something better.

That said, we are a solutions-centric community. When we communicate problems to each other, we also communicate at least two solutions.

We are proud to stretch ourselves beyond the status quo to challenge Rocketeers and ourselves.